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The American Quilter’s Society Family of Brands brings you the iquilt online quilting class experience. More than three decades of passion and dedication to the art of quilting brings together the best that quilting has to offer. The best instructors. The best designs. The best in quilting education. At AQS we are quilting.

An online iquilt.com class presents an opportunity to learn more about what you enjoy—quilting.


Kick off your shoes and put on those comfy clothes. Snuggle up with the kitty and shop for a class. Choose a favorite instructor or technique. Relax and know that you can watch your class any time and any place you can access the Internet. Watch a little or a lot. Watch it again and again—because the class is yours.


Maybe you’re a little shy about your quilting abilities or perhaps you want to learn a new technique. Has an iquilt.com original pattern caught your eye? We offer a variety of classes to encourage and challenge you. Know that with each class purchase, you will receive state-of-the-art online instruction. The instructors are communicative and the detail shots are clear. Step by step, you will increase your quilting abilities and knowledge. If you have a question, that’s fine, too, since most class instructors welcome your questions and are prepared to answer them quickly.


There is something in most of us that wants to make something—to create. Let yourself be inspired by instructors that are encouraging and enthusiastic. Doodle. Paint. Pet the fabric. Let your imagination lead you to projects that bring you joy. Online iquilt.com classes can open up new channels of creativity in your quilting. Say yes to a new idea. Create? Yes. And we want you to enjoy it all along the way.


Exclusive, in-depth quilting instruction is the ultimate goal of iquilt. Highly qualified, engaging quilters are eager to help you succeed on your path to becoming a better quilter.
You’ll love having a renowned quilter as accessible as a friend throughout the course—no matter when you take it! At iquilt, teaching excellence is unmatched. Bring out your best possible quilting style with iquilt!



Kathy McNeil [ Instructor ]



    Judi Madsen [ Instructor ]



      Linda M. Poole [ Instructor ]



        Martha DeLeonardis [ Instructor ]