Getting Started

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iquilt instructors are enthusiastic and prepared! As they demonstrate, you’ll hear their personal tips for quilting success.

  • Select the “Instructors” option at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to see all currently available instructors.
  • Choose an instructor to see their class or classes. Click on the purple box to view the instructor’s profile, then use the back arrow to return to the instructor page.

2. Search by Course

You’ll find the best instructors in many areas of quilting right here! Take a look at all there is to learn in the classes offered today, and check back often because we are adding new classes all the time!

  • Select the “Courses” option at the top of the page.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose course categories and styles of quilting.
  • Click on each course image to see a video about the class. You’ll find class descriptions, supplies lists, and instructor samples here. To the right, you’ll see class pricing, level and any photos or reviews posted for the class. If this is the class for you, add it to your cart by simply clicking once on the “Take This Course” tab.

Purchase your Class

Select your class, and tap the “Take This Course” tab at the right to add it to your shopping cart. Use the back and forward arrows to navigate within the site. You can return to the instructor page with the back arrow to continue shopping for more exciting classes!

Done? Select “Proceed to Checkout.” Clicking on this box will prompt a new screen where your contact and payment information will be requested. Simply fill in the required information and follow the prompts!


Purchasing a class means it belongs to you. Anywhere you have the Internet, you have iquilt! Enjoy your class as often as you like, replaying any parts you’d like to hear again.

Write reviews and share photos of your completed projects under “Students’ Work.” Share with the class!


Visit our site often to see all the new classes that are being added to the course catalog.