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Appliqué in reverse is quick to learn and easy to perfect with Teri Henderson Tope’s clear and methodical instructions. The class project is an Asian-inspired carnation that requires only three small pieces of fabric and a needle and thread to get started. After marking and basting, begin to sew gentle curves using a simple “swish” of the needle as demonstrated by Teri. You’ll learn how to make inside and outside points as well as how to begin and end so the stitching doesn’t pull out or show through. She explains how to finish the carnation with either hand quilting or machine free-motion quilting. Teri also provides instructions on how to use appliqué in reverse to make monogram letters appear to float off the background fabric. Complete instructions for a bonus monogram quilt are included with this class. Teri’s appliqué in reverse techniques create needle-turned projects that have that professional, embossed look every time, so sign up now to learn all of her tips for making your reverse appliqué beautiful.

Course Curriculum

Appliqué in Reverse by Teri Henderson Tope - 1hr 32min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 6 Minutes00:06
Lesson 2. Fabric Selection, Marking & Basting 0 Hours 16 Minutes00:16
Lesson 3. Clipping & Stitching 0 Hours 29 Minutes00:29
Lesson 4. Leaves 0 Hours 21 Minutes00:21
Lesson 5. Lettering Variation 0 Hours 9 Minutes00:09
Lesson 6. Finishing 0 Hours 6 Minutes00:06
Lesson 7. Inspirations for Using Appliqué in Reverse 0 Hours 5 Minutes00:05

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Books: (Optional)

  • Appliqué in Reverse


  • Carnation:
  • Background: (1) 12½" x 12½" dark green batik
  • Petals: (1) 12½" x 8 ½" salmon 100% quilter’s cotton
  • Stem and leaves: (1) 12½" x 8½" light green
  • Backing: (1) 14½" x 14½" 100% quilter’s cotton
  • Batting: (1) 14½" x 14½". Teri recommends Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request.
  • Monogram Quilt:
  • Pieced background and binding: 1½ yd. print
  • Appliqué background and signature blocks: ⅔ yd. solid
  • Backing: 1 yd.
  • Batting: 44" x 44" square


  • DMC 50 wt. that matches the background fabric
  • Thread for basting
  • Thread for piecing if making the monogram quilt

Sewing Machine Foot:

  • ¼" foot if making the monogram quilt

Pins & Needles:

  • Bohin Milliners #10 appliqué needle
  • Needle for basting
  • ¾" glass head appliqué pins

Marking Tools:

  • Clover® white fine point heat erasable marking pen
  • Pilot® FriXion® erasable gel pen
  • Bohin mechanical chalk pencil

Other Supplies:

  • Light box
  • Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors Small (4")
  • Iron
  • Ironing surface
  • Pressing sheet
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler: 6" x 24"


  • Paper scissors
  • Thimble

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  1. What technique does Teri use?
    Teri uses the needle-turn technique for this class. The wonderful thing about needle-turn is its portability.  Needle-turn projects are happy to accompany you to any place you find yourself waiting around for a while.
  2. Will I be able to succeed in this class if I have never done any kind of appliqué?
    You will totally amaze yourself! Beginners can learn the basics and those who are experienced in appliqué can pick up tips from Teri. Every stitch is seen so clearly. Expect to have some of those aha moments as you watch these lessons!
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Teri will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  4. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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  1. Rhonda Brewer


    What Wonderful tips!! As the description said, I had several "Aha" moments. I had done raw edge applique, have recently been trying edge turning applique, and now really look forward to trying reverse applique. I very much enjoy applique but would not have attempted reverse application without your very clear and understandable instructions.
  2. Peggy Armstrong


    This course offers easy-to-understand and comprehensive reverse applique instructions. It is interactive, with the ability to ask questions. The videos for the seven lessons are engaging and clear.
    Teri emphasizes important points such as marking and basting. There is a helpful downloadable materials list, and I love the many practical tips Teri provides! She offers a whole new meaning to the wor

    d "swish" that I will hear her saying in my future applique adventures!
    The demonstration of adding a second color and especially of making good points on leaves will be very helpful to me. And I really like having a visual of both hand and machine quilting.
  3. Celeste Lipp


    This was a great class! I've done other methods of applique before, but I was always intimidated by reverse applique. I feel like I can use what I learned in this class to really advance my applique to a higher level. Teri has innovative ideas for how to use reverse applique in quilts, and I was introduced to some new tools that will make all the difference. I feel like I have the inside track no

    w, without a lot of trial and error on my part to find the best tools. I really appreciated the close up filming of the techniques; that's so important with handwork. I'm really excited about reverse applique now!
  4. Margaret Notestine


    Wow! Your class was just what I needed! Thank you so much for the clear and concise directions. I especially liked the clipping tips, threading the needle off the spool, and working with inside and outside corners. Your tips on lettering and hiding the shadows was also great to know. I promise to upload my first project once it's completed. I have your book on Reverse Applique too and think I migh

    t start with that cute bee. Thanks again!

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