Easy Appli-Bond Bald Eagle

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Joan Shay’s amazing appli-bond technique brings artistic dimension and texture to any project and eliminates fussy-edge finishing. In this class, Joan shares her original 20″ x 30″ bald eagle quilt and shows how to make your own 3-D version using water soluble stabilizer and her foolproof process. Joan shows how to mark and cut the foundation and add feathers. The nest is an artistic creation in itself and gains its realistic appearance due to Joan’s unique stitching process. Borders, stems, and leaves are carefully layered and stitched, adding depth. Once the nest is attached and the eagle is settled in, Joan offers quilting and finishing tips that complete the look. Pay tribute to our beloved national bird and bring the outdoors inside with this fabulous quilt and be inspired to use the appli-bond technique in many other ways!

Course Curriculum

Easy Appli-Bond Bald Eagle by Joan Shay - 2hr 2m
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 7 Minutes00:07
Lesson 2. Preparations 0 Hours 21 Minutes00:21
Lesson 3. Constructing the Eagle Part 1 0 Hours 23 Minutes00:23
Lesson 4. Constructing the Eagle Part 2 0 Hours 15 Minutes00:15
Lesson 5. Constructing the Nest 0 Hours 17 Minutes00:17
Lesson 6. Borderns, Stems & Leaves 0 Hours 24 Minutes00:24
Lesson 7. Nest, Eagle & Quilting 0 Hours 15 Minutes00:15

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Books: Optional

  • Redwork Embellished by Joan Shay


  • Appli-Bond Bald Eagle Kit
  • Background: ½ yd.
  • Border: 1 yd.
  • Bird foundation: breast feathers and eye accent: ⅓ yd. dark brown
  • Wing feathers: ¼ yd. medium brown
  • Head feathers: ⅛ yd. white
  • Beak, claws, and eye: ⅛ yd. yellow
  • Claw nails, eye accent, and pupil: black scraps
  • Leaves: ¼ yd.
  • Lower nest: ⅛ yd. each shade of (5) lighter shades of tans and browns
  • Upper nest: ⅛ yd. each shade (5) darker shades of tans and browns
  • Branches: 2 yd. of ¼" thick chenille yarn in brown tones; if making traditional stems: ⅛ yd. fabric in brown tones.

Other Supplies:

  • 1 yd. HeatnBond® UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive, no substitutions
  • Legal size paper and printer to print patterns
  • Appli-bond needle
  • Straw (milliners) needle
  • Embroidery floss: brown, white, and green
  • Roxanne™ Glue-Baste-It
  • Pressing sheet for protecting your ironing surface
  • Pigma® permanent marking pen
  • FriXion® pen, any color, or other disappearing marking pen
  • Clover Hera™ marker or ballpoint pen
  • 1 yd. water-soluble stabilizer
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Mechanical pencil, white or gray, with refills (Bohin recommended); or other white chalk pencil
  • Thimble (Little House® Tortoise Thimble recommended)
  • Template material or freezer paper
  • Lightbox (Optional)
  • Saral transfer tracing paper (Optional)


  • Iron
  • Electric Quilt® 8 quilt design software (EQ8)
  • Inktense Ink Blocks
  • Inktense Ink Pencils
  • Ironing Surface
  1. How do I care for a quilt made with this technique?
    This 3-D project is 20" x 30" when completed, making it a perfect size for a wallhanging. It can be washed. As with any quilt, you will want to exercise care when handling, as well as keeping it in a place where it will not get faded by sunlight.
  2. This looks different than typical piecing or appliqué. Will I be able to do it just like the picture?
    When you watch this class, you will find that Joan gives an amazing amount of tips about fabric selection, placement, and her special method of preparing and attaching each piece. You’ll be surprised how quickly the project comes together!
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with any downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Joan will get back with you.
  4. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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Student Gallery

  1. Marie Seroskie


    I took a class from Joan some 15 years ago and everyone of us went home with a finished project. I'm thrilled to see her teaching on line as her explanations and demonstrations are easy to understand and I would highly recommend this video even to a beginner. Joan leaves no questions unanswered...a question may come to mind and before I know, she has answered it. Because of this tutorial, I'm read

    y to tackle some small unfinished tops made a few years ago and embellish them using Joan's Appli-Bond method. Thanks Joan for all of your clear directions, patterns and great tips!
  2. Jeanie Sullivan


    I chose this class because I love Eagles, I did not know I was going to fall in love with the technique and the Instructor. I first watched it thinking I would take notes gather supplies and ask questions. Joan has such a gifted way of teaching I didn't write one thing down. I was I thrilled and so excited I just wanted more. Her instructions are so thorough I felt like she was right beside me tal

    king to just me! Thank you so much for offering souch an encouraging class. This has endless possibilities and can't wait to finish this one and take the next!
  3. Gloria Grohs


    This is my first on-line course . I am so happy that I could take Joan's class at home. Her style of teaching is easy to understand. I love that I can watch this at any time I want at my leisure. I have gathered all my supplies together and can't wait to watch this as I create Joan's beautiful Eagle. I have her Petal Play book and this class is an added bonus to refresh my skills that I learned f

    rom the book. Thank you Joan for bieng my private teacher. Your # one fan.
  4. Linda Spence


    Joan's Appli-Bond method of applique brings a realistic dimension to the craft. No more flat flowers, birds or baskets! I have taken two classes with Joan Shay in person and own one of her books. The details that she shares in this iquilt class are numerous, but not at all overwhelming! While she explains her own products used in the project, she also names the products of others that she pref

    ers to use and she tells you WHY she has the preference. It's information based on her considerable experience.
    Her approach to teaching is to consider that the student doesn't know anything but does not speak in belittling terms. Beginners to advanced quilters will learn much from her! The tips she shares are alone worth the cost of the class!! Take it and see your applique come to life!
  5. susan bernard


    THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! Another wonder project with Joan Shay. I have had the pleasure of taking many of Joan's classes and own all of her books. From all my classes with Joan, I have gleaned so much information and this class is another example of that. Joan shares so many wonderful tips about products, floss, knots, etc that are so helpful with all quilting projects. Her teaching style is cl

    ear, detailed and easy to follow. This class is your own private lesson with one of the quilting world's best teachers. The Eagle is especially fun with her unique technique used to make the nest and her tips for using chenille yarn. Her creativity and ideas are never ending. I highly recommend this iquilt class with Joan Shay. Take it and have fun!

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