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Judi Madsen’s quilting designs will have your appliquéd quilt projects taking center stage as you learn six ways to quilt around a simple but beautiful stemmed flower. Start with three easy treatments for quilting around the appliqué. Then, dive into three more intricate designs that will make your appliqué appear to “float” on the quilt top. A stunning border pattern is included with the class. Make the six designs as single quilts so you can practice the techniques, or combine the designs to make a tablerunner or wallhanging. Whichever you choose, you will improve your quilting skills along the way and will be able to apply new ideas and approaches as you quilt future appliqué projects. For your convenience, this class can be purchased for online viewing or purchased on DVD.

Course Curriculum

Fabulous Background Quilting for Appliqué by Judi Madsen 2hr. 38min.
Lesson 1. Class Introduction 0 Hours 2 Minutes00:02
Lesson 2. Design 1 0 Hours 32 Minutes00:32
Lesson 3. Designs 2 & 3 0 Hours 10 Minutes00:10
Lesson 4. Design 4 0 Hours 45 Minutes00:45
Lesson 5. Design 5 0 Hours 37 Minutes00:37
Lesson 6. Design 6 0 Hours 32 Minutes00:32

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  • (5-15) fat quarters
  • 2¼ yd. white for borders
  • 1⅔ yd. white for blocks
  • 2 yd. fusible webbing such as Heat’n Bond
  • ½ yd. binding
  • 3¼ yd. backing (44" fabric)


  • White Fil-Tec™ Glide

Marking Tools

  • Collins Vanishing Fabric Marker, purple air erase

Quilting Tools

  • #10261 - Rotary cutter
  • #12083 - Cutting mat
  • #11874 - Iron
  • #12136 - Ironing Surface


  • #10677 - 6" x 12" or larger


  1. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!
  2. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with any downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Judi will get back with you.
  3. What is unique about this class?
    It is fun to create beautiful appliqué quilts, but many of us struggle with how to quilt them. Judi gives you six different ways to quilt around simple appliqué shapes that produce a lot of dimension and interest. Three designs are easy to quilt and produce such pretty results. The final three designs are more intricate and add interest and depth.
  4. What else will I get with this class?
    Judi includes the template pieces that she uses to make the examples for this class. You can use the materials to make a tablerunner or the larger quilt shown in class. Judi also demonstrates how to quilt a beautiful border that you can use in other projects as well.

Instructor Gallery

Student Gallery

  1. Juanita


    LOVED!!! Great Instructions for planning out a unique quilting design! I love the concept for adding dimensional texture to any quilt 🙂 .
  2. Johanna Leonora


    I am not an experienced quilter by any means but this class has done little to help me. Watching and listening to her few comments over and over was a bit of a bore. I paid more than $15 for this on sale ??? and really am dreadfully disappointed. I do no how to draw lines that was simply too much. Very little useable content in my book. thanx
  3. Lana Frazier


    As a class, I felt this was quite lacking in content. I don't have 2 hours or so to sit and watch someone draw and quilt. I would have liked to know where and/or how she came up with her quilting designs, but there was nothing about that. So basically I purchased a quilt pattern with quilting guides. I would have been extremely upset had I paid more than $8 for it.
  4. Janis Devitto


    This class was a game changer for me! After making this class sample my ruler work has improved 100%...thanks Judi
  5. Teresa Melonson


    This class breaks down the beautiful designs very well. It is helpful to watch her draw and quilt them. Having said that, I didn't expect the whole class to consist of watching her draw and quilt the ENTIRE THING. A bit boring at times but the fast forwarding feature is available to use. All in all it was a pleasant class to learn some ways about quilting around applique.
  6. Annie Mueller


    I am so inspired by watching Judi quilt. I love her style of quilting, and her patient way of showing us how she does it. I just finished a Halloween applique quilt that was so much fun to do, using her methods. I've been quilting with a long arm since 2009. I love picking up fresh ideas like Judi's and tailoring them to my quilts.
  7. Christa Smith


    Being an experienced longarm quilter, I still learned a lot from this excellent video series. I highly
    recommend this course for beginner and advanced quilters to introduce or further inspire them to think outside
    the box when it comes to design.
  8. Constance Cephus


    I am a beginning quilter. I really appreciated the knowledge that Judy shared. I wanted to learn what to do to complement appliqué piecing. Her lessons gave me tons of ideas. Now I feel confident that I could do a good job on any appliqué quilt. I have your books but this class was an excellent jump-start for me. Thanks so much.
  9. Bronwyn Broughton


    I would have to agree with Marty Anderson and Karon Ray's review. At the beginning it was exciting and new, but part way through it became tedious and boring. IQuilts definitely need to work on their audio content when recording. Particularly, in lesson 5 at the 8.20 mark you could hear lots of background noise and a bloke talking. Whether it was the cameraman or not, but it sounded like he said "

    It's okay, am I good at picking it up?" It was said twice. That must of been what Marty heard and referred to it as though Judi was mumbling. I also have noticed that there are a lot of background noises that come through on your recordings. Overall my expectations for this class ended up with disappointment. ☹️
  10. Judy Gentile


    Awesome class! I am new to longarm quilting. This class gave me the courage to finally quilt a "Baltimore Album" quilt that has been in my UFO pile. The quilting turned out better than I had hoped it would. Thanks Judi!
  11. Marty Anderson


    I love Judi Madsen's designs, but thought the content lacked. There was way too much time spent watching her draw. I couldn't really see well what she was drawing. I would have much preferred the thought process behind her designs and the techniques she uses in her quilting. Also, IQuilt has a real audio problem. She often comes off as mumbling and I have to strain really hard to understand her

    . I have watched on several different computers and it is the same. I have found this problem exists in several of your classes, not just this one.
  12. Karon Ray


    Judi has a fabulous presentation but the content isn't there. If I were a beginner I would like more basic information, the things an experience quilter just does. Start, stop, how the fills are done. As an experienced longarm quilter I did NOT need to see her draw and quit every line. How were the areas to fill chosen and why the designs put where they were. Logic in despising the density

    of the design. How to choose to use the complex verses the simpler for the appliqué . How to set up the grids that she bases her designs on.

    If you want create the pattern you have to rewatch to get the measurements between the lines! Maybe the book would be better but then why watch the class.

  13. Carlene Gadberry


    Carlene April 29 2017

    Stependious Teacher Her long hours of machine quilting has paid off, thanks for sharing your knowledge, Judi's lesson will defintaly put you on the road to producing award winning quilts.
  14. saima davis


    fabulous. judi gives reasons for all the things she does. lots of designs ideas in this class. I have practiced what I have learned from you. I have improved so much, thank you.
  15. Elaine Armenta


    She definetly is a very talented girl! She has lovely designs. The class consisted of a lot of drawing and quilting. Did get a little tedious at times, but I did learn from it. Just trying to figure out if I can do a quilt as you go method with this as I have a sit down machine and rulers are a bit hard to work on a whole quilt design. This is definetly the kind of quilting that you are going

    to spend bucco hours on!
  16. Jeanne Hall


    Really "Fabulous"! I have the book and watching this class was just wonderful. I can't wait to try these designs. Judi explains each step and makes her designs doable. I would recommend her classes. She starts with the planning and marking and goes through the stitching so you get the whole picture. Her technique is awesome and the designs are worked so you can change them up to make your design

    your own. Thank You Judi, keep up the wonderful teaching. I am looking forward the your new .upcoming video class
  17. Bobby Hardgrave


    Really wonderful class. I thought I would watch a segment, go and try it and come back, but I couldn't stop watching. Had to get all the way to the end. If you don't have Judi's books, they are totally worth it. The CD ROM disks that are included have every single detail. I have been quilting for a long time now, but I have changed allot of things since I started following Judi. I rarely hav

    e start and stops in my quilting now because her method of travelling is so simple and makes perfect sense. Everything looks so complex... and it is, but it's completely doable. There is absolutely no stress and the results are 100% total pride. Thanks so much, Judi, for sharing your talent with us. I am looking forward to an entire library of your classes. BTW, iquilt, this is some of the best video I have seen in an online course. It speeds up and slows down right in the perfect places and you still see everything and know exactly where Judi is at all times. Great job and Thank you!
  18. Shelley Byers


    Fantastic class! If you have ever wondered how Judi gets her designs to work out perfectly, you don't want to miss this class! She explains how to divide your blocks & borders so the design comes out evenly, tips for marking out designs & how to remember what fillers you will use when it comes time for the quilting, how to quilt around and on appliqué plus so much more! On top of watch

    ing how Judi travels across the design to eliminate multiple stops & starts, you will have detailed quilting diagrams on top of the pattern. If you are new to quilting, don't worry as Judi keeps you informed on the steps to take so you aren't left wondering. For the experienced quilters, now you can take your quilting to the next level. I cannot wait to put these learnings to use! Thank you Judi for such an incredible class!
  19. Traci Dearborn


    LOVE IT!!! Again Judi has given me another stepping stone to building my quilting. As with all of Judi's classes and books, she gives you the inspiration to support your own creativity in your quilting. She breaks the process down to achieving great results, and building the confidence that many of us struggle with. Judi allows you to use the skills that you already have and build on them. If you

    struggle with pebbles or feathers then use swirls, etc. and the result will still be outstanding. I cannot wait to try all the "FABULOUS" ideas she has given me in this IQUILT class. THANK YOU Judi for another excellent class, and all you give to the quilting world!! (can't wait to go quilt)
  20. Marianne Nybølet


    Another wonderful class from the the very talented Judi Madsen. Last summer she was teaching in Norway ,and her way of teaching is pleasant and so easy to follow. Her designs are unik and amazing, and you can't help beeing carried away. I find this class so interesting and inspiering because it gives me la ot of ideas how to quilt back of appliqués, just what I need. I will defenately use her des

    igns also elsewhere when quilting open spaces. Thank you Judi for beeing generous and sharing your gift with us!
  21. Mindy Jacobs


    "Fabulous" class! I have always loved Judi's designs for quilting. They are fresh and original, easily altered to make them your own and you can be as detailed as you want or stop and use less details and they still look fabulous. Judi emphasizes the required attention to detail to make the appliqué look as if it were placed on after the quilting and the outcome is superb. You have a professional

    finish that is sure to wow everyone. The class is easy to follow along with, the downloadable materials for guides are extremely helpful. Overall....very pleased with this class. Thank you Judi!

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