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Love beautiful hand-dyed fabrics? Dye some of your own with this easy-to-understand method by Cindy Lohbeck. Nine yards of fat quarters get mixed with three colors of dye to produce a full-spectrum palette. That equals twelve colors in a light, medium, and dark value—36 fat quarters of wonderful color values—all created by you! Each part of the process is easy to understand and Cindy shares many tips along the way to take the mystery and mess out of the process. Learn how to achieve even mottling and perfect texture from edge to edge of the fabric. The end result of this class is discovering the great depth and dimension of hand-dyed fabrics in your quilting and sewing projects—and the fun and ease of dyeing those fabrics yourself.

Course Curriculum

Full Spectrum Dyeing by Cindy Lohbeck - 1hr 49min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 14 Minutes00:14
Lesson 2. Preparing Fabric for Dye 0 Hours 11 Minutes00:11
Lesson 3. Dispensing the Dye 0 Hours 33 Minutes00:33
Lesson 4. Into the Dye 0 Hours 19 Minutes00:19
Lesson 5. Rinsing & Washing 0 Hours 15 Minutes00:15
Lesson 6. Color Booster & Ironing 0 Hours 17 Minutes00:17

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  • 9 yd. prepared for dye (PFD) white cotton. Mercerized cotton will dye more vividly than non-mercerized. Cut fabric into 36 fat quarters.


  • Yellow fiber reactive (Color A), 3 tablespoons
  • Red fiber reactive (Color B), 3 tablespoons
  • Blue fiber reactive (Color C), 3 tablespoons

Kits: (Optional)

  • Full Spectrum Dyeing Kit - Gardens
  • Full Spectrum Dyeing Kit - Playgrounds
  • Full Spectrum Dyeing Kit – Mountains

Other Supplies:

  • Urea, 9 tablespoons
  • Soda ash fixer, 2 cups
  • Textile detergent (Example: Synthropol or Retayne), 2 oz.
  • Dust mask
  • Disposable gloves
  • Washer and dryer or clothesline
  • Drop cloth
  • Timer
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic spoons


  • (12) 6 cup capacity dye tubs
  • (3) Mixing jars, 20 oz. or larger
  • (1) 3½ gallon bucket
  • (1) Plastic tub
  • (1) Disposable gallon jug or large bucket


  • 12 identification labels, use stickers or print out labels
  • 3 dye recipe labels, use stickers or print out labels

Measuring Tools:

  • Measuring spoon set
  • (1) 8 oz. measuring cup


  • Color booster/fixative, 2 oz.
  • Page protectors
  • Permanent fabric marker
  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  1. What will I have at the end of the class?
    Three things: 1) a new skill, 2) 36 of the loveliest hand-dyed fabrics to use in all sorts of projects, and 3) the curiosity to wonder what would happen if you used three other dye colors to make another batch.
  2. Is this something I can do with children?
    Yes! Cindy is quick to point out that these are chemicals and gives safety helps along the way, but children can participate and learn how to successfully make their own hand-dyed fabrics, and learn about mixing color in the process. They have all been told that red and yellow make orange, but when they actually make it happen it is so exciting for them!
  3. Does this process take up a lot of room and make a terrible mess?
    Cindy has this process down like a well-oiled machine. She demonstrates on a tabletop and suggests having a sink handy. She has all sorts of tips and tricks for keeping things orderly.
  4. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Cindy will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  5. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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  1. Mary Clemson


    I loved this class and was able to follow to directions without difficulty. My colors are amazing . I am looking forward to doing more with Cindy.
  2. Winifred Halsey


    Excellent teacher. I love how she made a complex project so simple. Looking forward to trying the Garden collection.
  3. Grace King


    Awesome class Cindy is a fantastic instructor/teacher. After viewing all the lessons I feel equipped to tackle this new and exciting process. I'm excited about the possibilities it will offer for my quilting projects. I love the change in value this technique provides & look forward to getting started. I feel the same as a few others have commented - I would love to see iquilt classes star

    t to allow us to view other class mates questions. We all learn from others & it adds another, deeper dimension, to our learning experience. Craftsy learning platform allows everyone's questions to be viewed by all class participants. Depending on each persons skill level great questions are posted and we all learn from them. Hopefully iquilt can update to offer this feature in the near future.
  4. Lisa Wagner


    LOVED this class!! I watched it several times and just did the Playgrounds collection! I am hooked! I loved the whole process! I just enrolled in her classes at The Sewing and Quilt Expo in Raleigh in July. I can't wait to take an in person class with her! I havce now 36 Beautiful fat quarters to put into my Applique quilts! I enjoyed this very much. Thank you Cindy, I look forward to your classes

    in July!!
  5. Patricia Coleman


    I just finished my Gardens Full Spectrum kit I recieved from Hands on Hand Dyeing. I just uploaded to the gallery. I absolutely love it. Thank you Cindy for the class and supplies. I received my kit fast and had a blast learning how to dye with your Iquilt class. It is like having my very own private lesson Thanks Bernina, AQS for developing this website!!
  6. Patricia Coleman


    I'm a newbie to fabric dyeing and found that this class is easy to understand and very intuitive. I love the way Cindy assemble her kits! Very excited to get her Kit for this class. I would take another one of her class in the future! And AQS for puting this class together
  7. Chris Simpson


    This class is wonderful! Cindy's approach is well organized, clear and concise. It's especially great for a beginner who wants to know what and why things like soda ash and urea are used in dyeing fabrics. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning to color natural fabrics, and learning how to create coordinated value spectrums.
  8. Lori Hogan


    I watched this class several times before actually getting involved in the process. Cindi is very precise and organized and explains every part of the process with how and why. I finished my fat quarters tonight and am so happy with the results even tho I have a lot of inconsistencies in my colors. I think it was the fabric I used and old dyes and of course, my error. This was in no way Cindi'

    s fault. I will keep trying til I get it right. It wasn't horrible as the colors are still beautiful. At least I have this class that I can keep referring to for future projects. Practice makes perfect. Thank you Cindi for a very well thought out and planned class. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process and can't wait to try it again!
  9. Cheryl Weaver


    I agree with Debbie Collarin this course by Cindy is excellent with easy to follow instructions and deserves a 5 star rating.
    Unfortunately the fact that we can't see the questions asked by other participants and Cindy's answers is a disappointment.
    We can learn so much from each other by sharing and I am sure that it would minimize time spent by teachers repeating answers to common questions.
  10. Debbie Collarin


    Love Cindy's teaching style and approach to dying! I had taken a class at MQX East and was very happy with that one. This topic appealed to me so I gave iquilt.com a try. While I loved Cindy class I'm NOT happy with the iquilt.com platform. It would be a better classroom avenue if you were able to see other students questions and comments. It helps me to see what others are asking and truly IMHO

    an interactive class. For that reason I'm not sure I'll be doing other classes with iquilt.com though there are several that I'm really interested in. I did try the contact us but that seemed to just take me to contact instructors.

    Due to platform I would've given course a 3 star but this review is for Cindy's class and that deserves a highest possible review score

  11. Patti Sandage


    I have never dyed anything, ever. After reviewing the entire course, I felt totally comfortable getting started on my own. Of course, Cindy is such a thorough and organized instructor. I gathered the tools, set up and would watch a step, then do it. My fabrics turned out beautifully and I'm now hooked on this process. What a great feeling when you finally press the FQ's, they are beautiful!

    All my friends will be duly impressed with what a genius I am being able to do it, lol. If you have even considered giving hand dying a whirl, buy this course and go for it. Its worth every penny!
  12. Patricia Ramirez


    This is an all in one course for the novice to advance dyer regarding value and color. Cindy is one of the most organized teachers online. She presents the materials, the supplies, the directions and steps in a very concise manner. Her style is relaxed but infused with enthusiasm for her topic. I will watch this video several times and learn new tips for dyeing each time. So don't be afraid watch,

    learn and enjoy then dye your way to happiness with Cindy's method.
  13. Susanne Jones


    This is a great class! I have taken 3 classes from Cindy, including this one. She is extremely organized and clear in person and it comes through in this online version. I love how deliberate she is and how her directions are step by step. I was intimidated by dyeing before I took her class. Since taking her class, I've done it on my own. I still learned some new things by watching this online cla

    ss. I also recommend her kits as they give you all the tools you will need to dye fabric successfully on your own. Her system, outlined in this class, makes it easy and possible to dye without a lot of mess in the room. Buy Cindy's class. You'll be dying fabric in no time!
  14. Beverly Mader


    The tips in this video make sure you understand all the important key issues in fabric dyeing. An important feature for me was learning how to drape the wet fabric. Learning the value of values will insure your dyed fabrics come out great. Knowing how much dye to use makes perfect sense after watching Cindy in the video. I am so glad I purchased this iquilt program before dying my fabrics at ho

    me. I took tons of notes, stopped the video and watched it a second time to be sure I understood how to do it. My dyed fabrics are beautiful. I love them all. If your planning to dye at home this video is well worth the money. Thanks Cindy for a great lesson. Bev in Madison, SD

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