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The ten basic designs shown in this class will give you endless variations and the confidence to begin creating your own modern quilting designs. Award-winning quilter Jodi Robinson shares straight line designs that are easy to stitch and that give quilts visual interest. Curved lines add an organic and softer feel. Learn how to do spirals, strings, and figure eights with thread paths that minimize starting and stopping. Jodi even shares a bonus pattern that incorporates circles and a grid for a striking allover quilting option. With every design, Jodi shows her own quilts using these same techniques so you can be inspired to dive in and make your own variations using these basic designs. Few materials are needed, and whether you hand, machine, or longarm quilt, this class can be the answer to your modern quilting design questions.

Course Curriculum

Modern Simplicity Quilting Designs by Jodi Robinson - 2hrs 21min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 4 Minutes00:04
Lesson 2. Choosing & Marking Your Design 0 Hours 23 Minutes00:23
Lesson 3. Straight Line Designs 0 Hours 23 Minutes00:23
Lesson 4. Curved Line Designs 0 Hours 22 Minutes00:22
Lesson 5. Spirals, Strings & Figure Eights 0 Hours 29 Minutes00:29
Lesson 6. Bonus Design: Swirl Rings 0 Hours 19 Minutes00:19
Lesson 7. All-Over Designs 0 Hours 21 Minutes00:21

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Books: (Optional)

  • Appliqué for Modern Beginners


  • Drawing paper
  • Ruler


  • School chalk
  • Chalk holder
  • Pencil sharpener with large hole
  • Water-soluble fabric marker
  • Marvy® air-erasable marker
  • Unscented hair spray
  • Bohin mechanical chalk pencil
  • Musical staff chalkboard liner
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Clear sheet protectors
  • Ironing Surface
  1. What skill level is this class?
    While these designs begin with simple shapes, many also incorporate curves. Beginners will glean lots from this class. However, Jodi has won and continues to win awards using these same designs on her contest quilts, so intermediate to advanced quilters who want to add modern touches to their quilts will gain a lot from this class as well.
  2. What will I see in this video?
    Jodi shares ten basic designs. She emphasizes each of them in three ways. First, she shows the design stitched on her quilts so you can see how these simple shapes really come to life on an actual quilt. Next, she sketches them and shows variations. Finally, she demonstrates the stitching and thread path on a longarm machine. That way, when you begin to use these same quilting approaches, whether you hand quilt, have a longarm, or quilt on your home machine, you will completely understand how to successfully adapt these designs to your quilting projects.
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Jodi will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  4. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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  1. Mary Steimle


    Really enjoyed the class and intend to try some of the designs on small projects with negative space.
  2. Nicole Owens


    I really enjoyed the class and Jody’s easygoing personality. She broke down the designs into easy to do components which made the designs less intimidating. I love how modern her quilting is. It opened up my creativity.
  3. Julia Bernstein


    I found the quality of the class, drawings and quilting, did not equate to the samples which were more precise. There was a lack of attention to thread overlap in some patterns. The drawing time was lenghty and overlapped in the later lessons. Geometric patterns need to have shape precision, in varied sizes, to create quality quilting. As a quilter, I value the time and cost of making a quilt, and

    want the quilting to enhance the outcome.
  4. Ann Thomas


    I thought Jodi did a great job. I am glad that she is not fussy about being perfect. For modern quilts, I think improvisational (sort of) is just perfect. I will most likely rewatch this show at some point and put some practice time in on the drawings.
  5. Liz Wilson


    I have to give this class 5 stars on originality alone. I love my feathers, paisleys, and swirls, and always will ... but sometimes I get tired of them and look for new things to quilt. The designs presented in this class are ... so different from anything else I've seen! They're truly original, and they look pretty easy too. I love the organic look, the texture it gives, and the fact that it's di

    fferent than what everybody else is doing out there makes it intriguing. While I'll always love my more traditional quilting motifs, these simple but interesting designs definitely will increase my repertoire.
  6. Nicole Owens


    I thought this class was great. I found Jodi's designs to be more original than many other longarmers (I have many many books). I liked her class so much, I bought the dvd and all her books and templates. I hope someday to be able to come up with original ideas like she has. In the meantime I'll use hers!
  7. Carlene Gadberry


    I have watched her class several times, Jodi does a great job making you feel comfortable on creating easy to hard designs. Love her modern technics.
  8. Rebekah Wilson


    I purchased this class several months ago and remember absolutely loving it then. There was so much going on at the time, that I never put it into practice. Just sat down and watched it again today. WOW!

    Jodi really covers all the bases with excellent teaching. I love her examples of quilts followed by doodling and stitching the designs with reinforcements of more examples. Jodi, your lesso

    ns are very well organized and your tone is so encouraging! I do believe I will be putting these lessons into practice in the very near future....Thank you!
  9. Catherine Harnisch


    I have taken a class with Jodi at MQX. I loved these designs. They are so simple give a great effect an texture.

    I will be recommending this course to others in my local longarm group!

  10. Acela Troffer


    I've done most of my learning about quilting on line. This is a great class. The designs are simple but have great potential for modifying and building upon in a modern quilt. Very relative. Tthe examples of quilts Jodi shows the students is hard to see because the thread matches the fabrics. For an example it would be nice for it to have been in a contrasting thread or working harder with the

    videography to get it to show on screen. Good stuff!
  11. Jane McKay


    An awesome instructor with easy innovative designs. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in modern quilting.
  12. Elaine Armenta


    I've taken four quilting classes on Iquilt and this was not the best , but it wasn't the worst. It was definetly worth the money though. I just bought a great book on modern quilts, which I'm going to start making and this class is the perfect compliment. She has some really great designs, that will look awesome with the modern quilts. I totally disagree with the one review that called her slo

    ppy. The style of quilting is definetly irregular but that's the way it's supposed to be. It's called organic. I like the fact that it's not perfect. It's the kind of quilting that doesn't leave you feeling intimidated. Anybody can do it and it really looks great. Thanks Jodi for bringing us these fresh new designs.
  13. Margaret Cathie


    This course is really liberating, thank you! The instructor is obviously a "big picture" person and I can see that some quilters might find that really frustrating, but if you look at the samples Jodi shows, they are fascinating and very much about texture and pattern and I love that! I have really only ever been exposed to "traditional " quilting (which I really enjoy and am trying to master),

    but Jodi is doing something that is really exciting and new and that is wonderfully enabling! Very many thanks for a great class; I learned heaps, and it has "unlocked" and freed up some pattern making for me that I am very much enjoying in my own quilting!
  14. Dinah Benson


    This class took very familiar efficient free motion quilting motifs and expanded their creative potential. I will never think about grids, circles, spirals or echoing in the same way again.
  15. Denise Nash


    Very simple, effective designs for the modern quilt. I found the class valuable, and will put it to use on client quilts immediately. These are uncomplicated enough for beginning quilters and offer plenty of visual interest. Thank you for a great class.
  16. Sharon Riddle


    The class was great, but sound was way too low. I had to strain to hear it. The instructor shared great ideas.
  17. Linda Frankiewicz


    Jodi does an wonderful job of presenting the material. She speaks very well and explains the stitching, planning, and everything that goes with it. The class materials, information on the marking tools, drawing out the designs, and all the quilted samples are such a help. You will learn a lot in this class. This was the perfect format for me to enjoy one of her classes.
  18. Janice Kiser


    Jodi's designs are so simple and her presentation of how to mark them and quilt them is put across well. I enjoyed seeing how she used them in her samples and feel I can do this. I hope to see more of Jodi's classes made available in this format. I feel like I got as much information and more out of these little videos as I would at a major venue featuring long arm teachers and I didn't have to

    travel to do it.
  19. Karen Marchetti


    What a great class! Jodi is very informative and explains in detail the steps required to create the stitches, as well as variations of each stitch. After watching this, I'm feeling more confident in attempting some of these modern style stitches.
  20. Cheri Barker


    I'm sorry to say so, but I was very disappointed with this class. Designs were far too simple and the quilt work was very sloppy. I found myself very turned off with how sloppy it was, I felt like it was thrown together. If this is the quality of the iquilt classes, I don't know that I'll take another. Just my honest opinion.

    This might work for a very early beginner, but not an exp

    erienced quilter.
  21. Nancy Gano


    WOW! I loved this lesson! Instructor shared so much easy to follow information. From the class materials and marking tools, to the drawing lessons and how they were so easily quilted out, to the actual quilted examples. Each "simple" design created such amazing results! Highly recommended!
  22. Cristina ARCENEGUI Bono


    I have been following Jodi for years and when I saw this workshop I knew straight away I had to enrol in it.
    I loved very very much and I would recommend it to anyone interested in modern quilting
  23. Eva Birch


    Great Class! Very inspiring!
    The material in the class was very well thought out and presented in an organized and concise manner.
    Jodi's creativity is inspiring and the designs she chose for this class are are easily adaptable for a variety of quilts.
    Jodi showed many samples showcasing the designs covered in the different lessons which allowed me to visualize the designs in a realistic way.

    This course is great for any level of quilter.
    I also liked the fact that Jodi included all the drawing sheets in the course material, this gives me opportunity to explore and practice my own design choices.

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