Needleturn Appliqué: Orchard Fresh Pattern

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Mary Sorensen, Appliqué Master and expert in fine hand needlework techniques, will share with you how to select fabrics to create pleasing texture and eye-catching visual interest; and how to make thin stems, smooth curves, sharp points, and circles and Vs to perfection. Learn Mary’s stitching method and how to layer the pieces to reduce bulk. Choose from a lovely 18″ wall quilt Orchard Fresh pattern featuring colorful fruits and cheery flowers or the Plum Mini Quilt pattern. This class is a great way to use up your scraps and Charm Squares. By the end of the class, you will be looking for items to appliqué!

Course Curriculum

Needleturn Appliqué: Orchard Fresh Pattern by Mary Sorensen - 2hr 41min
Lesson 1. Class Introduction 0 Hours 4 Minutes00:04
Lesson 2. Preparing to Appliqué 0 Hours 23 Minutes00:23
Lesson 3. Cutting and Stitching Basics 0 Hours 27 Minutes00:27
Lesson 4. Skinny Stems 0 Hours 20 Minutes00:20
Lesson 5. Sharp Points 0 Hours 24 Minutes00:24
Lesson 6. Layered Motifs 0 Hours 10 Minutes00:10
Lesson 7. Easy Stitched V’s 0 Hours 27 Minutes00:27
Lesson 8. Perfect Circles 0 Hours 22 Minutes00:22



  • Background: 22" square, light color
  • Stems: 8" square, brown or black print
  • Appliqué shapes:
  • Note: Use 5" Charm Squares or large scraps. Avoid busy prints. Include a variety of textures, values, and scales.
  • Heart-shaped blossom petals: (12) assorted 5" Charm Squares or (45) scraps. This equals about 1 fat quarter of fabric.
  • Apples: (2) red prints
  • Plums (2-4) varied prints
  • Peaches (2-4) varied prints
  • Pears (2-4) varied prints
  • Leaves (5-21) varied green prints (12 charm squares total)
  • Flower centers: (3) gold prints for flower centers


  • Sewing thread to match each appliqué fabric
  • Embroidery floss for cherry stems

Pins & Needles:

  • #10 or #11 betweens or quilting needles
  • Pins: Collins 1¼" silk pins or Clover Patchwork Pins (Fine)

Cutting Tools:

  • Scissors: Small, sharp fabric scissors such as Gingher G5 or Dovo
  • Large 8" scissors to cut plastic such as Fiskar® Easy Action™ spring-loaded scissors

Marking Tools:

  • Mechanical lead pencil
  • Sharp pencils
  • Colored mechanical pencils in yellow, silver, and pink. Or Prismacolor® Premier Verithin® pencils, colors #735 and #753
  • Permanent marker, Sharpie or IdentiPen

Other Supplies:

  • Ruler with ⅛" markings or Mary’s Skinny Stems and Tiny Circles Tool
  • Template plastic
  • Sandpaper board
  • Permanent double-stick tape
  • Manila file folder


  • Light box
  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  • Electric Quilt® 8 quilt design software (EQ8)
  1. Is there a project with this class?
    Yes! Mary has created an original design for this class. It’s called Orchard Fresh and you have the option of making an 18" wall quilt or working on a smaller Plum Mini Quilt pattern.
  2. What stands out in this class?
    The greatest strength is the needle-turn technique she demonstrates. She also gives really good tips for keeping everything organized. However, the unexpected gem of the class is how she describes the straight of grain, cross grain, and bias of fabrics. That information alone is applicable to any other project involving fabric.
  3. What is needle-turn appliqué?
    As Mary explains in the class, needle-turn appliqué simply means that the needle is used to move the fabric. And, in places where many of us are tempted to use our fingers to manipulate the fabric, Mary shows how to use the needle as a tool to accomplish the desired result.
  4. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Mary will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  5. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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Student Gallery

  1. Kim Van Buskirk


    Oh wow, Mary is so encouraging, she causes me to want to practice everyday. I loved this class. I'm practicing a plum and leaves on a smaller scale and will make a mug rug out of my first attempt. I learned so many things and took seven pages of notes! I'll be watching these tutorials over and over again. This has been so worth my time. Thank you Mary S!
  2. Kathleen Whyte


    This class was so appreciated to improve my skills. The best part of this opportunity was to have access to the content by chapter/topic to refresh my learning.
    I really enjoyed the class - content was divided well and provided excellent didactic with wonderful demonstration and common sense tips.
    Thanks very much for this program it a most effective manner.
  3. Charlotte Beech


    What an outstanding teacher Mary is! I have been asking questions from fellow quilters and watching You Tube videos for several years in hopes of perfecting my skills. Never have I been able to appliqué without problems of fraying or unnecessary bulk. Finally, I understand! Finally, I can create those wonderful points and curves. Thank you Mary. I am beyond thrilled that I took your course

  4. Catherine Lehouillier


    I love Mary's explanations and no-nonsense instructions. Great teacher. Thank you so much!
  5. Deborah Reardon


    I have learned so much from you Mary. I'm truly addicted. This class has simplified everything for me. The instructions are very thorough and understable. I bought a DVD player so now I can get your video.
  6. Barbara Barnard


    This class is wonderful! Mary’s technique for the “V” intersection is lifesaving! The small stem section was eyeopening as well! I love needle turn applique but had so many problems with those two things that I was ready to give up. Now there’s hope for me! Mary’s teaching style and her humor make the class even better. Thanks!
  7. Leslie Buck


    I am not addicted to appliqué the same way that I am to patchwork. This course made me more confident in adding appliqué to my quilts or in choosing to do a solely hand-sewn project. Mary clearly explains each type of sewing situation and reassures you about things that can go wrong. I really feel more able to tackle any appliqué project in the future.
  8. Sharon King


    I love this course. She is very detailed and clear on how to use needle-turn applique which works well for many of my projects. I also love being able to return to the course for a refresher when I'm getting ready to start something new.
  9. Patricia Vohr


    As I am preparing for the holidays and making gifts, I am forever referring to this class for help and support. Mary is a wonderful teacher and makes the complicated seem so easy. Highly recommended!!!!!
    Pat Vohr
  10. Susan Freudenthal


    I too would give this class a 10! And Mary is the best!! Can't add any accolades that haven't already been expressed so will just say Thank You to Mary for her clear and informative presentation.
  11. Lillian Palko


    My goodness! Mary is unique in her methods but EXCELLENT. As I watched the class I tried her methods. Holy moly! This was an eye opener. I advise anyone interested in applique to give this a serious try! I will be gifting this class to a close friend who loves applique! Thank you Mary for sharing. Not everyone is so generous in sharing their methods for nice workmanship.
  12. Patricia Hunt


    I LOVE this class!! If I could give it 10 stars I would!!!!! It is very well taught and easy to follow. I felt that Mary explained and demonstrated everything so well!! She made everything seem so easy to do! I learned a lot while watching this video. Even watching it a 2nd time I learned even more!! I know a lot of people shy away from needle turn applique. Either because it seems hard or

    that it takes too long. I feel that needle turn applique pieces are appreciated more because of the time and effort that is taken in doing a project. In today's society, people are in so much of a rush that they just want to get it done instead of taking them time and effort it takes to do needle turn. By being in a rush to get a project done, takes away from the overall effect of the project and it shows in small ways.

    Thank you Mary for being a wonderful teacher! I hope to see more from you in the future!!


  13. Mary Smart


    I love this class. Everything was explained very well, and you could see every detail. Mary explained every pitfall, showed how to overcome every obstacle, and answered every question before I even came up with one. I found all of her suggestions useful. I was surprised by some advice, which shows how much I needed it. I bought the class quite awhile ago, just am watching it now when I need it for

    a needle turn applique project -- and I thank you, Mary, for everything you explained so well and demonstrated so thoroughly. I'm sure I'm going to come back to review as I go along. And it was fun. A really good teacher here.
  14. Yvonne Ramsey


    I really enjoyed this class and this teacher is very clear and concise throughout the lessons. Mary has lots of hints and tips on this specialist course on (Applique or Needle Turn) which will be very good to finish off your quilts or projects , to give a beautiful, expert finish.
    Thank you for a wonderful class!
  15. Deborah Yoon


    Excellent class! I've been doing needle turn appliqué for over a decade and was pleasantly surprised at how much I still learned from this beginner friendly class. Lots of tips and techniques for both stitching and keeping your projects organized. Mary's friendly speaking manner and humour made this class extra enjoyable too.
  16. Carol Campbell


    Mary is amazing and funny! I'm so glad I can watch her and review her any time. Her tips and relaxed technique really put me at ease! More classes with her! Maybe some small "stitch along" projects!
  17. Ann Boudrot


    I loved this class and will be reviewing it over and over whenever I get stuck on any of my applique. Needleturn applique is my most favorite part of quilting and now I look forward to getting even better at it. Thank you Mary!
  18. Sheilah Mathias


    Awesome! Awesome course/awesome teacher.....I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I want MORE!!!
    Will you be adding more advanced classes in Needle-Turn soon?
  19. Marge Cree


    Mary was great! I really learned a lot from this class and can't wait to tackle more projects.
  20. Elaine Armenta


    I took a class from Mary in a quilt shop in Bellevue Washington, clear back in the 90s. I learned a lot, but eventually I took a break from quilting for several years. I recently got back into it and started appliquing on a civil war bride quilt. Well of course I remembered some things, but forgot quite a lot. I found Mary here on Iquilt and was so happy. For just under 16$ I got a refresher.

    Either she even got better, or I forgot more than I thought. I am so excited to start practicing her techniques. The part about minimal clipping was invaluable. I have been happily clipping and ruining my integrity of my quilts. I never finger press, so I think that alone will take a lot of work out of the needle turning. I totally forgot how to do her skinny stems. Every class had stuff I learned. I have found needle turn to be so much better than all those other methods of Applique. I hate all the prep work involved in those other methods. With Mary's method you can do complicated beautiful work with not all the time and money involved with those other methods and get better results. Take Mary's class you won't regret it. She also has a subtle sense of humor that is quite funny!
  21. Mindy Jacobs


    Fantastic class! Easy to understand instruction. Lots of tips from easily organizing your templates to the differences between with the grain, against the grain and bias to how to make your applique edges turn under with ease that will make you think, why didn't I think of that?. Her narrow stem method is very simple and makes making those narrows stems so much easier, especially with her Skinny S

    tems & Tiny Circles Ruler. Mary Sorensen's needles made my piece construction much easier and you get an amazing 14 per package purchased. They are the perfect lengths, stiffness, sharp and thin. They don't leave visible holes in your piece where the needle passes through. I was always intimidated by hand applique and didn't think I would have the patience for it but after watching this class and trying my own I may be an addict. Mary is an excellent instructor making this technique easy to understand, her instructions are easy to follow, the tips she gives are actually helpful and she left me wanting to try this immediately. Thank you Mary.
  22. Lisa Wagner


    I LOVED this class!!! Mary was very engaging and keeps your attention. I am fairly new to needle turn, and I have tried MANY techniques and classes. I LOVE her simplistic approach and her bits of humor. I am anxious to try her techniques on the quilt I am working on now.
  23. Mary Bryan


    I just purchased this class yesterday, and watched it all in one day. I was totally captivated by Mary's teaching style and techniques. I've tried needle turn applique before, but never could get my curves to be completely smooth. They always had little points or ridges in them. I also struggled with V points. I never felt they were secure and weren't going to fray. Mary's techniques have so

    lved my problems for me. Thank you Mary!!! I would highly recommend this class. It is excellent!!
  24. Susan Archey


    I have just started needle appliqué. I have watched some YouTube's and tried different techniques. I really believe that your techniques are excellent. However for the stems in circles, I would use a different technique. As with quilting and everything else. We all tend to gravitate towards our own way of doing things. Overall, I think the class was excellent and your techniques are very ins

    tructive. I will definitely use your techniques in the future. Again excellent, excellent class.

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