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Learn to make the fabulous New York Beauty block using ONE pin and NO stress! Linda Hahn shows how to paper piece the arc foundation, creating sharp points on each spire. When it comes to sewing curves, break out a single pin and sew a seam that stays wonderfully flat. Follow the simple directions for cutting and you will have made a flawless New York Beauty block! Make 36 blocks and piece together a quilt. Save the scraps, though, because Linda gives tips for taking the leftover fabric and making a Chunky Mini quilt as well. She also demonstrates how to sew the blocks together to make a flowing wave, a half sun, and a full sun. Following Linda’s instructions, you’ll be able to make this seemingly complicated block like an expert, giving you so many possibilities for making not only these two quilts, but so many others as well.

Course Curriculum

New York Beauty Simplified by Linda J. Hahn - 70min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 4 Minutes00:04
Lesson 2. Preparing the Arc Foundation and Power Cutting Fabric 0 Hours 11 Minutes00:11
Lesson 3. Piecing the Arc Foundation 0 Hours 14 Minutes00:14
Lesson 4. Preparing the Pie and Background 0 Hours 17 Minutes00:17
Lesson 5. Assembling the Blocks 0 Hours 9 Minutes00:09
Lesson 6. Alternate Quilt Designs 0 Hours 15 Minutes00:15

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Books: (Optional)


  • Fabric amounts are generous and include enough to make the main project and a Chunky Mini quilt. Add a border to the main project if you choose. There are borders on the mini made from leftover fabric from the main project.
  • Fabric 1: 1 yd. light blue
  • Fabric 2: 2½ yd. teal. Yardage includes binding for the main project.
  • Fabric 3: 1½ yd. lime green
  • Fabric 4: 2¼ yd. cream
  • Binding for Chunky Mini quilt: leftover fabrics
  • Backing and hanging sleeve for main project: 1⅓ yd.
  • Backing and hanging sleeve for Chunky Mini quilt: ¾ yd.
  • Batting for main project: crib size. Linda uses Fairfield Nature-Fil™─Bamboo/Rayon blend.
  • Batting for Chunky Mini quilt varies


  • Neutral

Sewing Machine Foot

  • ¼" with no flange

Other Supplies:

  • Pigma® brush pen
  • HTC Fun-dation™ or Vellum translucent foundation paper
  • (1) sheet of template plastic
  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  • Spray starch
  • Glue stick
  • Rulers: (1) 6" x 24" and (1) 91/2" square with a diagonal line
  • Rotary cutter
  • Rotary cutter mat
  • Scissors for paper and plastic
  • Scissors for fabric
  • Sharpie® marker
  • Flower head pins


  • Seam Ripper
  • Quilting stencils designed to fit New York Beauty blocks
  • Pounce pad or disappearing ink marking pen
  • Plastic page protector
  • Dry erase marker
  • Transparent tape
  • New York Beauty kit. The kit includes acrylic templates for the 6" New York Beauty block and the 4" Chunky Mini block, reusable paper piecing stencils.
  • Electric Quilt® 8 quilt design software (EQ8)
  1. What can I make in this class?
    Linda will teach you how to make a 6" New York Beauty block. Use that information to make a total of 36 blocks and piece together a beautiful quilt. Then, hold onto those scraps because they can be used to make a Chunky Mini quilt! Linda also provides a trunk show at the end of the class so you will be inspired to make other designs from these versatile blocks.
  2. I have never been successful at sewing points or curves before, so how do I know I can make a block that features both?
    Linda takes the stress out of making both points and curves! Her methodical approach will have you making these seemingly difficult blocks—and they will come out perfectly every time!
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Linda will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  4. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it any place and any time you have Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

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  1. Catherine Veleker


    This video is the best presentation on the subject of NYB that I have found. Linda's mastery of the technique is revealed in her ability to present it clearly and simply. Loved the trunk show at the end, so inspiring. Okay, off to dive into the scrap bucket.
  2. Bonnie Lucas


    Loved this class! I have wanted to learn how to make a New York Beauty block but was intimidated of it. Linda does a wonderful job explaining each step as well as demonstrating it in a relaxed manner. This technique is very forgiving with how she shows how to cut the block down to the correct size at the end making the block looking like you are a very precise piecer. I definitely recommend th

    is class!
  3. Cindy Heinz


    The instructions and demonstrations on the video portion are good but the class materials leave much to be desired. There is no photo or diagram on how to put the blocks together for the two quilts demonstrated in the video. There are also no diagrams of the quilting patterns shown at the end of the video for the quilts. You would have to buy the optional ebook to get this. Otherwise you can pause

    the video at selected places to get a glimpse on how it is supposed to look.
  4. Marilee Swindell


    Linda is an amazing teacher! A few years ago at a show, I had tried a different spikey quilt class and it was so structured that I was miserable and near tears in the classroom, but at that same show, I saw another instructor of spikey quilts and finally took her class at another show that I attended. The second instructor was great, but then at show & tell Linda Hahn's students sang her pra

    ises so highly, that I wished that I had taken her class too. That second spikey quilt that I had started, I put down when I got home with the intention of getting back to it, but didn't until a couple of months ago and I forgot much from the class. I bought Linda's book and then I saw Linda's class here at iquilt for the New York Beauty and I signed up for it. While I haven't made a quilt from her book yet, for my needs at the time, Linda's instructions in this class helped me to finally be able to complete the spikey quilt that I started last year and she made it so relaxed, laid back and stress free, that I'm looking forward to making her pattern as well. In Linda's honor, the backing for the 2015 quilt is a novelty print, I think her use of novelty prints on the back is a really fun idea!
  5. Jodi Robinson


    Loved it!! This was an awesome class! I have always admired this type of piecing, but to me it just seemed intimidating. Linda's easy to understand instruction made me realize that it really is doable, and definitely not as difficult as I thought it was. I am anxious to put what I learned to use.
  6. Rudy Miner


    I was very impressed with this class. This is a quilt I love but have been terrified to make. Watching this class was awesome! Linda gives excellent and easy to understand instructions. The recommended class supply list leaves nothing out and leaves a quilter excited about embracing this method of piecing. The piecing of the arch gives me a better understanding and knowledge to piece other c

    urved blocks. I am anxious and excited to gather my supplies and fabrics to begin one of these beautiful quilts. Thank you for teaching this fabulous technique and removing my fears. I feel confident that this will be a quilt I will be able to create with confidence. Looking forward to your next class and books. Linda ROCKS!!!
  7. Dolores Storer-Flanagan


    I was very intimidated by this design. So much so that I was sure I would never be able to make one. But, after watching this class and Linda's clear, confident and relaxed approach I am so determined to make one of these quilts. Thank you for the inspiration! I so enjoyed this class.
    Dolores Storer-Flanagan
  8. Nancy Rock


    I just loved it! It is so wonderful to be able to pause, and go back, and look at things again. Linda's directions and pictures are so clear, and easy to understand. I have taken classes from Linda in person, and I was happy to see that her clear, fun loving style shines through on the video. She has lots of tips, such as power cutting, how to stitch curves without puckers, many different ide

    as on how to quilt the quilt. I also enjoyed seeing all the different layout options, and the different quilts. Watching the video was like having Linda right next to me. I look forward to taking more of Linda's classes, both online and in person.

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