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Join Judi Madsen as she demonstrates how you can advance your quilting skills by adding detail quilting in a progressive manner. Using the same quilt top pattern for three different quilts, sew along with Judi and complete a simpler design, a more complex design, and then an advanced design. As she sews, you can see how she builds the quilting detail on each piece. The completion of each quilt design builds your quilting skills and gives you inspirational ideas for adapting these techniques to your own quilts! Everything is presented in easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons so you can achieve the quilting success you desire. Quilting layouts included with class downloadable materials.

Course Curriculum

Progressive Detail Quilting by Judi Madsen - 2hr 37min
Lesson 1. Class Introduction 0 Hours 3 Minutes00:03
Lesson 2. Quilting Design Process 0 Hours 11 Minutes00:11
Lesson 3. Marking Project 1 0 Hours 14 Minutes00:14
Lesson 4. Quilting Project 1 0 Hours 30 Minutes00:30
Lesson 5. Marking Project 2 0 Hours 14 Minutes00:14
Lesson 6. Quilting Project 2 0 Hours 27 Minutes00:27
Lesson 7. Marking Project 3 0 Hours 27 Minutes00:27
Lesson 8. Quilting Project 3 0 Hours 42 Minutes00:42

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Books (Optional)

  • Secondary Designs with Judi Madsen
  • Quilting Wide Open Spaces


  • 3/8 yd. white
  • 3/4 yd. light gray
  • 1/4 yd. dark gray
  • 1/2 yd. navy blue
  • 1/6 yd. dark green
  • 1/6 yd. light green
  • 1/6 yd. dark turquoise
  • 1/6 yd. medium turquoise
  • 1/6 yd. light turquoise
  • Batting: 40" x 40"
  • Backing: 1¼ yd


  • White Fil-Tec™ Glide

Marking Tools

  • Collins water-soluble marker, blue
  • Collins Vanishing Fabric Marker, purple

Quilting Tools

  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  • Snips or small scissors


  • 6" x 12" or larger
  • A-1 Longarm 9" Straight Ruler
  1. What will I get with this class?
    You will get the Serendipity pattern and directions for the quilt top Judi uses in the Progressive Detail Quilting class. This is an original pattern by Judi. So, make three quilt tops using this pattern and you are ready to watch the class and sew right along with her! It’s a great tutorial and the camerawork allows you to see everything close up, so there is no guessing about what Judi is doing at any point. You’ll enjoy Judi’s easygoing style and will be delighted with the quilts you have completed! Best of all, you can then adapt these quilting skills to the quilts you are working on and feel confident about how to proceed.
  2. Is this a class for longarm quilters only?
    This is a class for anyone who wants to learn how to add amazing depth to their quilting. While Judi does quilt on a longarm, the same techniques can be adapted to home sewing machines and even hand quilting. The focus of this class is quilting design, so the skills learned while watching Judi are valuable to anyone who desires to create their own stunning quilting designs.
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with any downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Judi will get back with you.
  4. What will I Iike about this class?
    The cool thing about this class is that you use one pattern and learn to quilt it three ways. Judi’s show-stopping quilting designs are the result of adding detail to create amazing dimension—the more detail, the more dimension! In this class, you’ll learn to do just that by creating three quilts that have progressively more detail.
  5. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started.  After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have Internet.  The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

Instructor Gallery

Student Gallery

  1. Robin Amick


    This course was very interesting and I did learn a lot. However, what I didn't see and what wasn't explained was how her long arm machine was set up. Was there a ruler base used? If not, how is the quilt set up? What hopper foot was used and why? What does she prefer and why? It would have been really helpful to have her talk through the machine setup to help us "set up" our machines prior to q

    uilting. I have seen many videos and they never talk about the basics, i.e. the foundation of setting up your quilt before the project starts. I guess they think we already know that but, as a beginner machine quilter it would have been very helpful. Hard to get good results when your not set up properly from the beginning.
  2. Denise Lawrence


    The class is great, so thankful for the sale price on black Friday or I couldn't afford it.Thanks for including the sample quilt pattern. Not everyone does that The designing process on the samples are great too I would like to have a class on how to come up with my own idea for my quilt top I am currently staring at. I'd hoped this class would help but I am still blank so I bought your book. Bet

    ween the two I am hoping designing quilting plans will come easier. I love your work Judi. I follow you on pinterest and you tube too. I am 72 years of age and so wish I had started this path years and years ago.
  3. Christine Roberts


    I have enjoyed this course so much! It is just the kind of quilting I love. Her designs are easy to follow and her tips have helped me in my quilting.
  4. Chris Graeve


    Enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot and have made all 3 examples.
  5. Marcia Nichols


    Judi Madsen’s courses have taught me so much on my quilting journey. Her demonstrations are excellent, and knowing that I can refer to them whenever I want is a plus.
  6. Suzette German


    Judy breaks up spaces in such a unique way. I take every opportunity available to learn from her. I appreciate the iquilt classes because I can watch them as many times as I want. There is so much information in the course materials and the video. Well worth the purchase.
  7. Jan Holzbauer


    This is a fantastic class for machine quilters. The ideas are fabulous and gets you to think outside the traditional quilting box.
  8. Jennifer Doud


    Loved seeing the difference adding detail made in the same quilt.
  9. Diane Ahnstedt


    You continue to be one of my idols of longarming. Great class!
  10. Gabrielle Van der vliet


    Fabulous course followed from @judi.madsen on iquilt.com. I learned to quilt in all four directions with my long arm. I like the detailed quilting . Definitely worth it.
  11. Elizabeth Segura


    I am making the quilts and enjoying the results: clean, neat and truly a great idea. Since it’s a design class, I would have liked to see more of how the designs are planned, from basic to complicated. I think that the teacher, whose work is beautiful, could have said more than play around with graph paper! I also think this could have been done with more examples on smaller pieces. But! still g

    iving a great review, as the result, the inspiration and the practice are worth it!
  12. Carol Temple


    i just finished the third project and loved doing all of them. The third one too alot of time and mistakes (not making some areas) but I learned a bunch and plan to look at some of your other classes. I purchased your two rulers and they were awesome to use on my Gammill longarm. I especially liked learning how to travel without cutting threads. Each panel took time, but we quilters love the c

  13. Katrina Ostby


    1 quilt made, 2 to go. They are pieced and marked, and I just need to squeeze out of few hours to get them quilted. Loving this class. Just do what Judi does and ... magic. I'm using a sit down longarm, so ruler work is a bit different, but my results are fantastic. Thank you Judi!
  14. Debbie Pine


    I just watched the first few lessons, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is certainly NOT a beginners class by any means. If you have no sense of where to place rulers to hit those lines you may get frustrated quickly. I've made the sample pattern so that I can recreate the stitches. There is So much information to absorb, but the place I'm struggling with first is the marking. She went

    through this quite quickly, and I wish she would have marked in bolder lines and stopped at each point for just a minute longer. She also starts marking in the far right corner and then begins again in the top left without saying why. I'm having trouble with lines disappearing on the bottom of the pattern before I get to that point in the quilt as I don't have time to do this whole top all at once. I need to go back and re-mark some areas. I'm sure I'll learn a lot by the time I'm done, but this could have been a much better experience with just a few minor tweaks. I must admit, I'm used to the Craftsy platform where you can ask questions along the way and see the answers as you go along. It looks like many people have the same kind of questions. All in all a great value for the price. I hope to be able to post a finished piece soon.
  15. Julie Mott


    WOW! Thank you Judi!!! I totally enjoyed this class. Making the samples was a great experience. Getting the first one drawn was a bit tricky at first but watching the video several times and following along before stitching new sections was helpful.
    Using 15 SPI with 100 weight Microquilter thread worked well for these designs. Judi delivers her instructions clearly and provides enough dem

    onstrations for student follow through. The repetition of the block designs was helpful as it allows time to practice and perfect each one. I look forward to applying what I learned to other projects.
  16. Ilona Strull


    I very much enjoyed this class and think I learned so much about ruler work. Thank you, Judi. That being said my only criticism would be trying to follow the pattern line drawing. I had so much trouble seeing what was being drawn and had to keep replaying the video to try and figure things out. I know you wouldn't want to draw the lines in black, but I really feel that's what it would take to

    see the patterns. I had downloaded the PDF, but those are so small it was really had to see the drawings. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the class!
  17. Lori Fasulo


    Very disappointed in this class. Judi's quilting is beautiful . This is what attracted me to the class. Not enough instruction .The music was a distraction . I ended up muting a lot of if.
  18. Marianne Clower


    The camera work is not good. It's very hard to tell what is being done. The water soluble marker is great on a real quilt, but for video and learning purposes it would be nice to be able to see what is being marked.
  19. Elizabeth MacKay


    Progressive Detail Quilting is another 5 star class by Judi Madsen and iquilt.com.
    There are excellent examples of how to progressively add just the right amount of quilting to achieve the results perfect for your quilt. A bonus is the opportunity to learn more free motion fill shapes and strategies to deal with dilemnas we all encounter. I hope Judi and iquilt have more great classes to come

  20. Lisa Sixt


    This class is not bad I just feel like some information is missing. Even though she breaks the class into chapters I feel like I missed how she got to that point. Most of the filming is her quilting on the long arm not instructing how she does the fillers, and why she breaks the block into quadrants. She does not appear comfortable in front of the camera.
  21. Barbara Odette


    After reading all the reviews I feel like the lone ranger. This class teaches you how to follow a predawn pattern. I would like to learn how to figure out a design for the next quilt I am going to put on my frame. A few guidelines on how the instructor accomplishes that would be of great help. Also, it seems without EQ7 I wouldn't be able to do it.
    Her quilting and designs are outstanding.

    se enlighten me if I am wrong.
  22. Fran Baldwin


    This is the best class of all. I have loved each and every one of your classes but this class is the #1 for me. Love how you explain and demonstrate. Thank you for showing us how you quilt. Just love it all
  23. Shelley Byers


    Judi delivers another fantastic class! If you have been wanting to learn how to add more detail with options to your quilting, this is the class to watch! I love how Judi shares how she comes up with her designs, how she then decides the colour scheme & quilting ideas to how she chooses the tread to use & batting. You will also learn her tricks for keeping your lines accurate as well as

    how she travels between sections. She breaks down the projects into easy, very doable steps so that you can see how it all comes together. The producers also pay attention to Judi's quilting as she quilts, zooming in to show the fine detail of her designs so you are able to see the quilting as it happens rather than an overview when completed. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quilter, this class will leave you feeling inspired & excited to get started on your own! Thank you Judi for another fabulous, informative & entertaining class!!
  24. Tracy Loukota


    Judi really holds your hand, so to speak, in this class, and I feel pretty confident that a beginning quilter, with just a little experience under her belt, could follow her directions and be really pleased with the results. I like that she explained the 'whys' of some of her methods, instead of just saying "do x".
    I feel like I can work my way around a quilt better now, and Judi's admonition to

    travel was freeing for me, as just this week I was frustrated that I was having to travel so much, and figured I was doing something wrong. Nope - lots of travelling is just part of some styles of quilting.
    I actually like the 2nd quilt best, but I loved how Judi really started to shine when she was quilting *her* favorite.
    The 'how to' instruction was top notch, but I would have liked to have seen a little more instruction on determining *what* to quilt, and the music drove me bonkers (probably exacerbated by binge watching the course 😉 but all in all a good class for someone looking to step up their quilting game.
  25. Merete Ellingsen


    Thank you for another fabulous class! The details are great and even beginners will have no problem following this. Both how to mark and how to quilt are showed in a great way. A really need to piece a quilt and start on this project.
  26. Kathryn Byrne


    Another awesome class from Judi! I love the detail she goes into with both the marking and then the quilting. This is a great addition to my course library and I love the ability to watch the iQuilt classes as many times as needed at my own speed. The downloadable courses materials are so helpful AND I love the supply list too - it's so helpful to know exactly what she's using. Each project in

    this class is stunning and I can't wait to get quilting!
  27. Melissa Ryther


    This class is a must if you quilt your own quilts and want them to look fabulous! Judi is so relaxed and takes you step by step through the process. The best thing is being able to view the classes at my own speed and pausing when I have to take a break. I like the downloadable lists and galleries. Oh and did I mention being able to ask a question? Love having Judi as my own personal teacher in my

    sewing room. Let's quilt!
  28. Mindy Jacobs


    I think this is a fabulous addition to Judi's iquilt courses. I LOVE the progression of quilting detail taught in this class. Even though I do not have a long arm I feel confident in trying the beginning quilting layout and then following along to get to the final masterpiece layout! Taking those small steps of adding a little more detail here and a little more detail there gets you to the final p

    roject without the intimidation that comes with just diving in to that final masterpiece. I love how energetic Judi is and the confidence she has in her quilting. It really makes me feel like I can do this too. More detail.....more detail.....why stop.....add more detail 🙂 Thanks Judi!

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