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Tap into the timeless beauty of solids with this exciting class from Weeks Ringle. In the sample quilt, Fun House, choose ten happy solid colors and make the quilt along with Weeks. Like more color? Make yours from even more beautiful solids while you learn about hue, value, saturation, and the characteristics of different types of solids. Weeks constructs the quilt column by column and teaches you how to make your piecing techniques more precise, which will help with every subsequent quilt you make. Sew triangles, simple frames, chevrons, and easily pieced circles. The class pattern also comes with multiple variations and a coloring page so you can be inspired to create your own solids revolution!

Course Curriculum

Solids Revolution by Weeks Ringle - 2hr 41min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 5 Minutes00:05
Lesson 2. Characteristics of Solids 0 Hours 8 Minutes00:08
Lesson 3. Developing a Palette with Solids 0 Hours 8 Minutes00:08
Lesson 4. Project Overview & Row 1 0 Hours 11 Minutes00:11
Lesson 5. Mirrored Triangles: Row 2 0 Hours 36 Minutes00:36
Lesson 6. Simple Frames: Row 3 0 Hours 9 Minutes00:09
Lesson 7. Circles: Row 4 0 Hours 33 Minutes00:33
Lesson 8. Chevron: Row 5 0 Hours 20 Minutes00:20
Lesson 9. Assembling & Finishing 0 Hours 11 Minutes00:11

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  • Note: Yardages are based on 42" of usable fabric width. Allow for shrinkage if prewashing fabrics.
  • Top: ½ yd. each: solid black, white, orange
  • ¾ yd. each: solid light green, yellow, medium green, blue
  • 1 yard each: solid turquoise, gray, red
  • Backing: 3½ yd.
  • Batting: 60" x 84" batting


  • Light gray

Sewing Machine Foot:

  • Walking or ¼" foot

Basic Quilting Supplies:

  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler, 6" x 24"
  • Flower head pins

Other Supplies:

  • Template plastic, (1) sheet or cardstock
  • Scissors for cutting template plastic or cardstock
  • Small scissors or snips
  • Extra fine point Sharpie® marker
  • Erasable chalk marker or erasable pen
  • Iron with steam function
  • Ironing Surface
  • Tape, transparent or double-sided
  • Quilter’s tape, ¼"


  • Straight stitching plate for sewing machine
  • Craft iron
  1. Do I have to limit myself to ten solids in making this quilt?
    This quilt can be made with as many colors as you like. It’s all about your inspiration when choosing the color palate that you like. Weeks once made a quilt inspired by her grandmother’s swimsuits! Print out the coloring page that is included with your downloadable materials and create your own revolution with solids! Don’t forget to post your finished product because we’d love to see what you’ve made.
  2. What kind of solid fabrics should I buy?
    The supply list will let you know specific amounts, but Weeks goes into detail in the class about different options out there. You’ll want to watch a few lessons before purchasing fabric.
  3. What if I have questions?
    We recommend that you watch the class in its entirety and become familiar with the downloadable materials. At that point, if something is unclear, go to the tab that allows you to ask a question and Weeks will get back with you via email. Please do not contact iquilt instructors by telephone.
  4. When can I start the class?
    We know you are excited to get started. After you have purchased the class, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime you have the Internet. The class belongs to you, so watch it as many times as you like!

Instructor Gallery

  1. Sheryl StGermain


    I thought the class would focus on using solids and talking about color. I agree with the other commenter that watching her sew was not what I thought this course was about. The information about some of the more complicated piecing techniques was useful, but that was not what the course advertised itself as being about. It would have been better to have given several small projects that invited

    us to use color in innovative and inspiring ways.
  2. Maddie


    This class was great. The teacher is very clear and precise in her instructions. The tips and demonstrations for accurate, precise piecing were invaluable! I loved the quilt also.
  3. Beth Britt


    This class is great.
  4. Jeannine


    Some good solid tips for piecing quilts and putting together large sections, but disappointing as I expected to get more instruction in terms of design ideas using solid fabric. May be that I did not read the course description before enrolling. There was way too much time spent watching her sew, very repetitive. The ideas for quilting were much appreciated, as sometimes instructors leave out t

    his step. This is really a course spent watching her constructing a quilt, which was not what I was expecting.
  5. Shruti Dandekar


    Being a self aught quilter on the other side of the world, I rely a lot on tutorials and online classes. I have been struggling to achieve precision in piecing for a long time now. Week's class helped me achieve that. All her instructions are clear, precise and easy to follow. It takes the struggle out of making the quilt top perfect. I tried making a couple of blocks from each strip and they came

    together absolutely easily!!! Its finally time for me to start enjoying piecing quilts!!! Thank you Weeks for a wonderful class!!!
  6. Ellen


    I have been quilting for over 30 yrs and don't piece a top anymore. But the instructions in this class by Weeks is so easy to follow as she also pieces it together, giving you wonderful tips on the piecing, the direction of the fabric and tips to keep your piecing looking great and within that 1/4 " seam allowance. Every word she spoke had information valuable for the first time quilter and for th

    e experienced quilter. I went back several times on each chapter because the information is so packed into each lesson I had to hear it again. I really enjoyed all the tips for piecing because I may be an experienced art quilter but I had given up on piecing because my seams were not the same. The tips always got cut off and so many other issues! With Weeks instructions I am ready to try piecing once again!
    Now onto the color lessons! I also so much on what makes a quilt work and what to look for in fabric! I really feel as if I can either dye up my own solids or hit the fabric store with the confidence I need to get great color combinations for a successful quilt! I always felt intimidated by the color palette but not any more! I wrote all the tips down on paper so when I hit my local quilt shop I can have fun choosing fabric so confidently! Knowing what to look for in the fabric thickness, how to choose it, what your planning on doing with the fabric, such as an applique which requires turned edges, has never been addressed to my knowledge. I really loved the explanation of thread thickness and how to compare it! I really was happy with the simple explanation and easy tips on what to look for in fabric colors. I really loved this class and plan on watching it again and again and again! I can't wait for the next class Weeks will offer!
  7. Marti Dyer-allison


    Whether your quilting style is traditional, modern – or modern-traditional – Weeks Ringle has great tips and tricks for you in “Solids Revolution. “
    Weeks co-founded “Modern Quilt Studio” with her husband, Bill Kerr, in 1999. But “Solids Revolution” isn’t just for modern quilters, or even just for inexperienced quilters. I’ve been quilting for 40 years, and I learned so much

    from this video. Do you know how to line up blocks across sashing? Weeks has a great method for ensuring even triangle blocks line up from row to row!
    The iquilt video display includes a pop-up “notes” link, so you can take notes right on your computer screen. And questions are answered by the instructor via email – so if you have to ask a “stupid question,” no one sees it save you and your instructor!
    “Solids Revolution” includes detailed instructions to make the “Fun House” quilt. The downloadable instructions feature cutting charts for each section of the quilt, a supply list, and optional color choices for your personal quilt. My favorite is the blank “Fun House Coloring Page,” so students can try out various color combinations on paper before committing to fabric. The instruction sheets are especially nice, as quilters won’t need to write down measurements while watching the video. I recommend printing out the instructions before watching the video, so you can take notes right on the instruction sheets.
    The final lesson includes a graphic visual on what happens when your quarter-inch seam isn’t exactly one-quarter inch. Weeks winds up the course with ideas for choosing quilting thread and quilting your quilt. I never realized that quilting thread appears darker in the “valleys” of seams on the quilt!
    Weeks’ friendly, personal style of speaking makes the viewer feel that Weeks is right there, talking to you! I’m so excited to choose fabrics for my own “Fun House” quilt.
  8. Mindy Burch


    I truly enjoyed this class and the enthusiasm Weeks has in her quilt making as well as teaching. Weeks is very personable, very unscripted and it's just like she's talking to the person watching it. Like the camera doesn't exist! She's very informative and does reiterate that the quilt possibilities are endless. She left me with a sense of "I can do this" after watching her.
  9. Mary Kowalski


    I am a fan of the Modern Quilt Studio and Weeks' and Bill's quilts, so when I saw that Weeks had a new class I was eager to take it. Before diving into the piecing techniques, Weeks teaches a brief "boot camp" for students new to using solid fabrics and helps us in color selection, keeping in mind hue, value and saturation. Many of us quilt with patterned fabrics, so having the help of an expert q

    uilter in fabric selection is invaluable. The demonstration quilt for the class is arranged in a series of columns, each with a different piecing technique. Some of the techniques are easier than others, but even the somewhat daunting circle in a square is so carefully explained that it seems mastery is right around the corner. I appreciated the assistance with quilting thread color selection and a simple design that will unify the rather complicated quilt top. One of the things that I most loved about this class was the flexibility to make the quilt my own. I can see myself making several quilts using one or more of the columns and a variety of color choices. Weeks' attitude is that she hopes we try new things, learn new techniques, and then go forward with our own ideas to make our own quilts. I am so glad that I took this class because some of the techniques can be used on smaller quilted projects such as pillows or table runners. I'm always looking for new gift ideas for friends and family and the options in this class are numerous.
  10. Judy Chaffee


    Only AQS, Bernina and iquilt would bring such a fabulous class to the serious quilter. I have taken classes on other platforms and am quite impressed with the quality of the iquilt platform.

    Weeks, thank you, thank you, thank you! At last, an instructor that can be herself, enthusiastic, joyful and not scripted or stiff. Weeks Ringle is a very gifted designer, and she just shines in this

    offering. What a joy to be working with someone who actually understands the quilter and can share as well as inspire me. Instructors often have a change of clothing for the different lessons, and it was such fun to see what colorful blouse/sweater/jacket she would choose for the particular lesson, and all solids!

    In the Introduction she makes you feel so good about your ability to be part of the class. I felt as excited about beginning the class as she was in describing it and even received a coloring page to boot!

    Chapter Two, I asked myself when was the last time I received an entire class on color within another class? I would have paid the entire cost of this class just to receive the invaluable information on color that Weeks gave me in Chapter Two and Three. I know of no other teacher that talks about thread thickness when speaking of color and fabric choices!

    Chapter Three spoke about inspiration and color. What I really found interesting was how Weeks gave everyday inspiration ideas, such as pastels from Beatrix Potter books. Most people just hop in and begin choosing colors before having a big picture, or inspiration to begin with. The discussion on hue, value and saturation was so understandable.

    Chapters Four through Eight, Weeks walks you through the cutting and construction of each row of the quilt. The downloadable patterns, instructions and templates are so professional and easy to understand. I appreciate her attention to precision up front so the end result is so easy to achieve. The explanation of the cutting, matching seams, special tips, and her enthusiasm throughout each row is such fun. The tone of the class is very conversational, just as if you are sitting across from her in her studio and no one is rushing you!

    In Chapter Nine, she completes the final row and then has a very thoughtful discussion about the threads to choose for quilting. Most instructors just end their presentation and say "happy quilting", not so with Weeks Ringle. It must be the designer in her that begins and ends with the threads and their importance.

    I very much enjoyed the class, felt that I received SO much more than was promised. Not only have I brushed up on some skills, I have also learned some new ones, and that says a lot for a 20+ year quilter! Fabulous course, 5 STARS!

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