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Imagine making quilts where every beautiful block is different just by making a simple cut. This technique works with hexagons, stars, diamonds, octagons, and triangles, so the possibilities for creativity are endless. The kaleidoscope effect produces quilts that look intricate but are deceptively easy to cut and piece. Bethany S. Reynolds has long been known for her amazing Stack-n-Whack® techniques. Now, work alongside her to create your own Emerging Stars quilt. In this original design created just for iquilt, combine 60° diamond stars with hexagons to complete a beautiful work of art. Not sure if you’re ready for all of that? Then learn the technique by making Zippy Strippy, a bonus hexagon pattern that is great for beginners. In either case, you’ll never look at fabric repeats the same way again. Join the Stack-n-Whack fun!

Course Curriculum

Stack-n-Whack by Bethany Reynolds - 2hr 27min
Lesson 1. Introduction 0 Hours 3 Minutes00:03
Lesson 2. Making the Stack 0 Hours 29 Minutes00:29
Lesson 3. Hexagon Blocks 0 Hours 25 Minutes00:25
Lesson 4. Companion Fabrics 0 Hours 16 Minutes00:16
Lesson 5. Star Blocks 0 Hours 19 Minutes00:19
Lesson 6. Assembly 0 Hours 24 Minutes00:24
Lesson 7. More Stack-n-Whack® Adventures 0 Hours 32 Minutes00:32

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Books: (Optional)

Fabric: (View Lesson 2 before selecting.)

  • If the design repeat of Main Fabric A is 7"—10" you will need 5½ yd.
  • If the design repeat of Main Fabric A is 11"—14" you will need 5⅛ yd.
  • If the design repeat of Main Fabric A is 15"—17" you will need 6¼ yd.
  • If the design repeat of Main Fabric A is 18"—27" you will need 4⅞ yd.
  • If the design repeat of Main Fabric A is over 27" you will need 6 repeats

Additional Fabrics: (View Lesson 4 before selecting.)

  • Accent Fabric B (triangle tips on hexagon blocks, triangles in outer ring of star blocks, setting triangles, and border) 4 yd.
  • Accent Fabric C (triangles inside star blocks): 1½ yd.
  • Accent Fabric D (diamonds in outer ring of star blocks): 2¼ yd.
  • Backing (piece crosswise): 5½ yd.
  • Binding (cut 2½" strips crosswise): ¾ yd.


  • Neutral 50 wt. cotton

Sewing Foot:

  • ¼" foot or all-purpose foot

Quilting Supplies:

  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • 60 mm or 45 mm rotary cutter with new blade
  • 17" x 23" or larger cutting mat
  • Rulers: 6" x 24" with 60 lines (OmniGrip recommended) and 6" x 12"
  • Flower head pins

Other Supplies:

  • Iron
  • Ironing Surface
  • Spray sizing or starch


  • MicroStitch® tacking tool
  • Stiletto
  • Electric Quilt® 8 quilt design software (EQ8)

Instructor Gallery

Student Gallery

  1. Margaret Saunders


    This was a great class, very easy to follow. I found it useful not just for the quilting pattern technique but also for the sewing techniques. I learned a lot both watching the video and making my first stack & whack quilt!
  2. Beth Cotroneo


    Bethany is one of the best teachers I have seen in these on line classes and I have taken and purchased many from multiple sites. She is very detailed and gives you every bit of her knowledge and experience. It's like she gives us all of her books practically in this one class. I was very impressed and am looking forward to getting back into doing some new stack and wacks. The uniqueness of all t

    he different blocks that are created is so exciting and never gets tired. Thank you Bethany
  3. Pat Ricks


    Seems like a very good class but I'll check back with class once I have some more experience. Bethany was very good explaining things but I'm not quite a that level yet. This gives me a goal to reach for. Pat
  4. Marlene Meloney


    Oh my gosh!! I thought I knew all about kaleidoscope and stack-n-whack blocks - but I sure learned a lot from Bethany!! These blocks have always fascinated me and now I'm even more hooked!!! I have some fabric that would be perfect for these techniques and I can hardly wait to get started. Bethany is an excellent teacher and everything she shows is clear and easy to understand. A great class

    that I will watch over & over - it is so full of great information and tips. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and was sorry to see it end! Definitely one of the best classes here on iquilt.
  5. Kathleen Decarli


    My wife and I work on joint projects on the weekends. Stack n Whack was just pure fun. We spent hours re-arranging the hexagons and the stars-just plain fun!!! Great class, good instructions and just great all around.
    Bob DeCarli
  6. renee seibel


    I actually made Bethany's Spin Cycle Quilt a couple years ago when I took a class at a quilting shop. I decided to make another Stack-n-Whack quilt and discovered this on-line class by the same person! I have been really enjoying the lessons on-line and it seems that each time I play them I find more tips that I didn't catch when watching it before! Bethany is an excellent instructor = very cle

    ar, thorough, and easy to follow. I love being able to re-watch the lessons whenever I need to. I HIGHLY recommend this course!!!
  7. Sandy George


    As I mentioned in a previous review, I've done many SnW quilts, but I've learned a lot so far from this class. Bethany has TONS of great tips, and she is very thorough. In Lesson 4 where she talks about companion fabrics, I like the way she shows how she "previews" fabrics she might use, and compares and contrasts different fabric possibilities. She also gives a very thorough description of how

    to go about picking companion fabrics, what to look for and what to avoid. I can't wait to start my next Stack and Whack project so I can try some of these things!!!
  8. Sandy George


    Just started watching Lesson 2 on how to stack the fabric. I love the tip for ARF---amazing repeat finder!!! Lots of good tips on how to prepare and cut the fabric!
  9. Sandy George


    I'm a Stack-n-Whacker from way back, and have just started watching this new class, and am part way through Lesson 2. So far I am very impressed by the information. Bethany goes into great detail about how to pick fabric that will work well for this type of quilt. She has lots of different fabrics to use as examples, and a laundry list of what features to look for in a fabric to use. She also

    details fabrics that will not work.

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