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Turn your favorite photographs into fabric works of art with this class from Leni Wiener. Using a still life photograph, work alongside Leni to break the picture into sections, make a pattern, and choose just the right fabrics for each of the sections and the background. Leni shows many of her own quilts and examples of why some fabrics work while others do not. Use her freezer paper method and see how your piece comes together like a puzzle with all the pieces fitting together. See options for constructing your project with or without batting. You can finish it as a quilt or as an art piece with her special pillowcase treatment that allows for easy turning once the stitching is complete. Leni shows how to use her technique with portraits and more complicated images also so you can select photographs you love and use them to make stunning art quilts of your own.

Course Curriculum

Translate Photos Into Fabric Art by Leni Levenson Wiener - 1 hr 34 min
Lesson 1. Class Introduction 0 Hours 3 Minutes00:03
Lesson 2. Selecting Your Photo and Fabrics 0 Hours 15 Minutes00:15
Lesson 3. Turning Your Pattern Into Fabric 0 Hours 17 Minutes00:17
Lesson 4. Completing the Quilt 0 Hours 28 Minutes00:28
Lesson 5. More Complex Images 0 Hours 13 Minutes00:13
Lesson 6. Portrait Quilts 0 Hours 13 Minutes00:13
Lesson 7. Building Your Stash 0 Hours 5 Minutes00:05

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  • A selection of small cuts of fabric or fat quarters
  • Batting: low loft, traditional loft, or Warm & Natural® cotton
  • Backing fabric: The amount will depend on the quilt size.
  • Note: If you wish to use batting in your art quilt, cotton for the back is fine. If you prefer to have no batting, you will need cotton canvas so the art quilt is stable enough to hang properly. Cotton canvas, also called cotton duck, is available at most fabric stores.


  • Clear monofilament
  • Smoke monofilament
  • Bobbin wound with black
  • Bobbin wound with white

Pins & Needles

  • 70 or 80 microtex or universal needles

Sewing Machine Foot

  • Darning foot

Cutting Tools

  • Paper scissors

Other Supplies

  • Freezer paper
  • Light box or window
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Straight pins
  • Toothpicks
  • Tracing paper


  • Foam core board
  • Binoculars

Instructor Gallery

Student Gallery



    Great tutor and easy to follow. Inspired and more relaxed about having a go. Thank you.
  2. Nancy Wilt


    I purchased Leni's book that she co-authored "Photo-Inspired Art Quilts: From Composition to Finished Piece (Create With Nancy)" by Leni Levenson Wiener (Author), Nancy Zieman (Author) which I highly recommend. Now I'm going to purchase her other books about thread painting and pictorial art quilts. I am new to quilting and just started to do hand applique but my main interests are painting and

    photography and how to turn my own images into quilts. I turned to this lesson to glimpse Leni's process. The 7 lessons were so succinct and efficient I watched them all immediately. If you are interested in the art part of fabric selection. color analysis such as understanding value and complimentary colors, and composition this is an exceptional guide. I think I've finally found a process and mentor as the creative part is forefront and the sewing part is the tool, more free form than painstakingly precise as some traditional structured approaches are. Thank you, Leni, for your generosity in putting together this presentation that I will watch many times once I start an actual project. Nancy Wilt
  3. Lori Boyter


    This is a great class. It has very comprehensive clear directions. It allows you to use inspiration from lots of different sources. You get so many good ideas it is hard to pick one to start!
  4. Silvia Sarinana


    Leni is a master teacher! She makes difficult concepts easy to understand and her directions are clear and easy to follow. I learned a lot in this class, I highly recommend it to beginners and
    advanced students. She has something for every one.
    I hope she teaches more classes, specially one on quilting your work of art.
  5. Kari Speckman


    I am just getting started with my project in this class. Leni has been wonderful! Her teaching is superb!
    She created a couple options for me to choose from for my quilt and when I selected one she completed the pattern and emailed it to me.
    I am all set to create, and cant wait to work on my quilt and will post as soon as it is done.
    Thank you Leni!
  6. Teri Green


    Excellent class. Very comprehensive instructions. Leni takes what appears to be a very difficult process and demonstrates how easy it can be. When you finish the video- you leave really believing that "I can do this too". Thanks Leni.
  7. Alex Anderson


    Leni is a wonderful teacher with a gracious style. In this class she completely explains her process from beginning to end. Personally, I can't wait to play with her process. Congrats teacher - Job VERY well done!
  8. Sharon Lily Selvey-willar


    I have waited a long time to take a class with Leni, being from the UK it's rather difficult. Iquilt has given me that great opportunity. This is an excellent class full of great tips and techniques and she makes them all fun and easy, really loved this class.
  9. Angela McPherson


    I loved this class. I had already purchased Leni's book but the class really helped me understand how simple it is to make wall arts. Leni had many new techniques that I have already used and I made a copy of the fabric scale to take with me while I shop. Thank you Leni for the wonderful class.
  10. C Lynch


    I have actually taken an all day workshop with Leni. This video class is just as comprehensive as if she was in the room with you. She goes into depth on many topics and I love hearing her thought process when it comes to choosing fabrics. The addition of alternate ways to finish a quilt was appreciated. The filming with close ups while sewing made it very clear. I would definitely recommend this

  11. Phyllis Vineberg


    Loved the course. Leni made the techniques seem so easy. Can't wait to attempt a fabric art piece from my photos.

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